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This is our Debut-Album called "VANTA".

For more informations visit us:


released December 18, 2015

Produced And Mixed By Michael „Elvis“ Schulze
Recorded At Aktion Musik, Salzwedel In Spring 2015
Mastered By Hannes Jaeckl, Vasoldsberg, Austria

All Songs By Elkaar
All Lyrics By Jan Knopf
Except For „Guilty“ And „Your Hell Is Our Sky“
Written By Tina Kunert And Jan Knopf
Guest Musician Shouting Vocals On „Guilty“ By Philipp Kasch

Photography By Thomas Sasse
Concept, Artwork & Layout By Danny Schott

Elkaar Is:
Jan Knopf - Drums
Danny Schott - Guitar, Background Vocals
Christian Dornstauder - Bass
Michael Knopf - Strings, Vocals


all rights reserved



ELKAAR SA, Germany

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Track Name: Guilty
Every Night It‘s All The Same
I‘m Trapped In My Dreams – Full Of Shame
The Devil‘s Hand Shook Mine
My Blood Is Freezing
But My Head Is Pumpin‘
There‘s No Escape
So Stop Me From Jumpin‘
Her Pretty Face Is Gone
Red Lights, Dark Night
Don‘t Know Where I Belong
Red Lights, Dark Night
Crazy Faces Staring At Me
Pointing With There Fingers
I Try To See Clearly Now Between
All These Glass Splinters
This Way Of Life Has Shut The Door
Nothing Is Like It Was Before
No Sleep Can Wash This Away
No Restored Sheen
Track Name: Crushing Down
Do You Believe That We‘re All The
Same? – Do You Really Think That
We Want To Be Like You? – Why
Can‘t You Finally Face The Truth?
No One Wants To Be Like You
So You Better Watch Yourself – Before
Everything Comes Crushing Down
Before Your Drown – We
Will Stand On Solid Ground
Everything Comes Crushing Down
It‘s Too Late, You Can‘t Follow Me
Anymore Surprised?
Cause That‘s Who I Am Now
Track Name: Untouchable Truth
You Coming Up With That
Awful Noise, You Waste Your Time
You Got No Choice
I‘m Holding You Down
I Silence Your Voice
Soon We‘ll Arise
So Decide Who‘s Side Your On
So Here It Comes
The Untouchable Truth
Can‘t Stop The Sound
Shout Out From The Roof
Get Out Of My Way
We Got Nothing To Proof
We Are Here To Stay
The Untouchable Truth
Got No Patience Here
Nothing Left To Fear
Your Time Is Over, This Time Is Over
I‘m So Lost In Space
You Crawl Across The Floor
Track Name: Discover your Mind
With Every Single Day That
I Woke Up I Ask Myself
Who Am I?
The Sense Of Live Or Whatever
You Wanna Call It I Haven‘t
Found It Till Now
You Walk Into The Room
You Blind My Eyes
You‘re Just In Time
Let Me Discover Your Mind
You Take My Hand
My Heart Beats So Fast
Like It Is On Cocaine
Can‘t Control My Breath
My Knees Are Shivering
What Happened To Me?
I Guess It‘s You
Track Name: Waste of Time
We Are Two Different Types
We Know That This Would End
No Need To Bring Up The Fight
I‘d Rather Watch The Worlds Collide
Stop Wasting My Time
Leave Me Alone I‘m Already Fine
Let Us Bring This To An End
So We Have Nothing To Pretend
We Are The Best Evidence
That Nothing Lasts Forever
You‘ve Missed Your Last Try
So I‘m Standing Here Waving
G oo d b y e
Track Name: Point of no Return
You Brought Me Into
This Position
That‘s The Point Of No Return
This Fucked Up Situation
It‘s Time For You To Burn
You‘ll Bring Back The Memories
Leave Me Alone
In My Emptiness
New Fears For My Demons To Feed
I‘m Sick Of All This Couldn‘t Sleep
Don‘t Talk To Me
We‘re Already Done
Stop To Promise You Make Amends
I Don‘t Care If This World Ends
I Must Break Through This Wall Of Pain
Before I Will Go Insane
Track Name: Stand on the Edge
We Knew This Would End
You Wanted This
Never Thought This Could Happen
But You Wanted This
We Stand On The Edge
You Bring Out The Worst In Me Out
We Stand On The Edge
My Hands Are Shivering
I Feel All Numb
You Talk But I Won‘t Listen
I See Your Lips Moving
But Nothings Coming Out
So What Remains When You‘re Left?
Track Name: To fill her Heart with Hope
The Sun Is Shining Through The Blind
And Something Crossed Her Mind
You Weren‘t There To See Her Wake
You Realized That It All
Just Was A Big Mistake
You Get The Chance Again
To Fill Her Heart With Hope
Break These Chains Again
And Fill Her Heart With Hope
She Gets A Daunting Feeling
One Which Won‘t Disappear
What‘s The Point In All Of This?
What‘s The Point When
You‘re Not There?
For Now On She Must Be Patient
One Day Here Time Will Come
Track Name: Of Life and Death
Why Is This Life So Unfa ir?
Now You‘re Gone And No Longer Here
I‘m Aware Of My Mortality
I Have The Ability To Write Down
E v e r y t h i n g
Everything That Arises
In My Thoughts All These Memories
Will Live Forever Until We Meet Again
So Tell Me What Remains For Us?
Where Do We Get?
Where Are We Soon?
Floating Through Space And Time
Don‘t Know Where I Belong
When You‘re Gone
I Leave Everything Behind
In The Knowledge That You‘re There
Feel Alive Again
See The Sun Again
Just Let Me Take Your Hand
Track Name: Your Hell is our Sky
How Should I Feel When
Everything Comes To An End
Cause When The Truth Comes Out
Change Is About To Come
Your Hell Is Our Sky
There‘s No Second Try
Where Could We Go When
Everything‘s Destroyed
The Challenge Of Life
Don‘t Worth The Forceful
S k Y
Suddenly There Will Be Nothing
(I Was) Blinded And Failed To See
Here Alone
Your Hell Is Our Sky
There‘s No Second Try
Track Name: Everything turns to Ashes
I‘m Not There, To Catch Your Fall
So You Don‘t Like Me
But You Don‘t Know Me At All
This Time The Fingers Pointing At You
Get Down On The Floor And Crawl
Everything Turns To Ashes This Time
You‘re Not The One Who Will Shine
You Will Never Stab My Back Again
I‘m Done With You And All
Your Stupid Friends
Back The Fuck Up
Get Out Of My Sight
Never Ever Try To Pick Up The Fight

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